Chicken Stifado:

Our stifado is a family recipe from the village of Xeros. We use tender, diced thigh meat (marinated for 24 hours) then pan-grilled with onions and our own blend of Cypriot grown herbs and spices. We serve this on its own or with a choice of grilled Cypriot halloumi cheese or finely sliced chorizo with a Greek flavoured twist



Pan-grilled village sausages marinated in red wine, fennel and coriander seeds. Halloumi (optional)


Lountza: Dry cured pork tenderloin slices smoked and aged for a stronger flavour then marinated in red wine then pan-grilled. Traditionally served in Cyprus as an all day meal with halloumi cheese garnished with a pinch of oregano.


Halloumi & Chorizo: 

Pan-grilled Cypriot halloumi cheese infused with a touch of oregano and served with sliced chorizo with a Greek flavoured twist.




Pan-seared Shrimp: Pan-seared Shrimp with Garlic Lemon Butter, crumbled feta, salad and Spinach leaves. A new addition to our menu and an ever-increasing popular dish with our customers.


Mixed vegetarian Meze: 

Sweet potato falafel (Greek style), halloumi, marinated olives, hand-wrapped stuffed vine leaves, marinated artichoke, harissa humous and greek salad.